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Is it kind of ridiculous that I'm always disappointed when no one bitches me out on fanficrants? I mean, seriously, that should be a good sign, right? Yet I always get a little excited when someone's complaining about one of my fandoms. They're sort of smallish, and sooner or later you'd think SOMEONE would want to complain about how much I suck, right?


In other news, Virginia is weird. It's 70 degrees out, and this morning I think we had a typhoon or something. I'm not even kidding. It's been like this all winter. Everyone's allergies are going nuts.

Still no RGB boxset. Still working on it.

I'm looking for a part-time job to help pay off my credit card. I've decided I'm not allowed to pay for internet OR Netflix until I pay off this credit card. May go mad. May be shot by librarians.

New Year's was fun. I got books! And hung out with some old friends from college. [ profile] sidara is coming out soon and we're going to my brother's place for a couple of days so we can attend inauguration as part of the luckless masses who don't have tickets. We may meet [ profile] meiran for dinner as well (if all goes according to plan). I'm thinking Melting Pot.
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Random Things:

Naomi Novik is evil. Just... Evil. Oh, I'll still throw money at her and have her babies, but jeez. That's some serious evil.

*wants the next one nooooow.* Has anyone invented time travel yet?

In the meantime I shall entertain myself with watching the last couple episodes of Heroes before I have to leave for dinner tonight. Hiro and Ando make everything better.

Talked to Colleen today: she says I'm more entertaining than cat barf. Gotta love that woman. I suppose. Dear Colleen, READ FASTER!

Tried to call Alexandra but she is either always at work, or in the witness protection program. Only time will tell.

Also, was asked to interview for a position at the new store. Have not yet decided. But basically, I'm not interested and I don't see how taking this position will make me
happier. So, I guess the answer is going to be no. We'll see.

In fandom-related news: Kuwabara is Gimli and Kurama is Legolas. And Yuusuke with press-on nails is Saruman.
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I'm still working my way through Heroes, slowly but surely.

I want to slap Nathan Petrelli upside the head with a bat. A large, metal bat. With spikes. Maybe it's also on fire. Seriously, people LIKE this guy?

Also, does wanting Issac and Peter to get together make me a bad person? Yes? Thought so...

Claire rocks. I like her. Also, Zack. Also just about everyone. OMG, Hiro!

Those are my thoughts for the day.


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