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So [ profile] lady_flamewing mentioned Yu Yu Hakusho and A Song of Ice and Fire in the same post and this is where my brain went. Bad brain. Bad.

Title:Dragon's Blood
Fandom: YYH/aSoIaF
Characters: ... everyone? Sort of?
Pairings: n/a mild Kurama/Hiei if you squint and can read my mind
Warnings: Blood and death, mostly off screen. Implied rape, off screen (Lyanna).
Summary: It's been a long, long, time but it looks like Koenma might be getting the band back together. You know. Or not. Set seven thousand years after the end of YYH and taking RIDICULOUS liberties with the canon of ASoIaF.
Notes: Yeah, there isn't ever going to be MORE of this. One hopes. Also, while I support the theory that Lyanna was more than happy to be Rhaegar's mistress, I went with the whole "abducted and imprisoned" thing that her ex-fiance believed. It's been almost four or five years since I read the SoIaF, so if I made any ridiculous errors, please let me know.

Koenma had put Kurama up to it. )
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"You must choose which of your friends remains behind, my prisoner for all eternity."

Kuwabara rolled his eyes. "Yeah, real tough call there, asshole. Hiei, fuck off. Yuusuke and Kurama come with me."

Hiei made a gesture he could only have learned from the human world.

Yuusuke snickered against Kurama's shoulder while the youko rolled his eyes and nudged him back into an upright position. "Stop encouraging them," Kurama scolded.
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[ profile] lady_flamewing asked for a fic that was about the Yu Yu Hakusho girls during apocalypse. She didn't specify what kind of apocalypse, and there's only one YYH girl in it, but hopefully this will do.

Title: Night Watch
Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho
Warnings: It's an apocalypse fic written as a Halloween prompt, so there's a horror element and (mostly off-screen) main character death. No gratuitous violence, no sex, no language.
Summary: Keiko has the night watch, guarding the village against the things that prowl the forest.

She almost let her guard drop. )
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Title: Hide and Seek
Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho
Summary: Kuwabara learns that normal is boring which is just as well since it's never going to happen to him.
Warnings: PG/PG-13 for language. Maybe some minor spoilers for the series.
Author's Note: I posted a rough draft of this a few months back, finally got around to editing it. If you've read the rough draft not much has changed except some mildly embarrassing spelling errors and some fleshed out descriptions.

Look under the fake Lj-cut!

( Hide and Seek )
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Title: The Last Winter
Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho/Inuyasha
Notes: Ever write something just for the hell of it? That's what happened here. But when it was done, I kind of liked it so here it is.
Summary: "I can't believe I missed you people."
Disclaimer: I am no expert on Japan, farming, sailing or geography, so I apologize for any glaring inaccuracies in any of these areas. Also, YYH and IY do not belong to me.

Dedication: For [ profile] kahn who inspired this story. And for [ profile] jenjinn because if it weren't for her, I would have fallen out of love with Inuyasha a long time ago.

Sometimes having demons on your side did come in handy. )
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This is Sonnet's birthday fic. Sort of. Anyway.

Title: Houseguests From Hell Part One (working title)
Fandom: YYH
Characters: All
Rating: PG-13 so far

Don't open that door! )
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I am, apparently, a sheep

Grabbed from [ profile] jenjinn

If you make up titles for stories I didn't write, I will respond with details of those non-written stories. Just think of the possibilities! (If you'd like to include details you'd like, pairings or fandom or something, do that too.)



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