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Title: Presumed Dead
Author: Nightwalker/Onemuseleft/I don’t know whatever you want to call me is cool.
WARNING: There are spoilers for IM3 here, pretty massive ones and also some smaller ones for Cap 2 (based solely on gifs I’ve seen, but still) Also, if you haven't seen the movie and want to read this anyway, please be warned of implied main character death.
Summary: The Mandarin’s attack on Malibu was broadcasting live. Millions watched while Iron Man fell; it’s only reasonable to assume some of them were his friends. This is Steve’s reaction to watching the attack on the Malibu house.
Beta: Thanks Amaronith, for the quick and dirty beta read!
Universe: MCU

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On Tumblr
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Title: Sex, Lies and Newsprint: A Year of Cap/Tony Romance As Told By the Tabloids
Chapter: Chapter Seven: The No-So-Ex-Boyfriend!
Pairing: Steve/Tony discussion of past Tony/Tiberius and Tony/others
Rating: PG
Beta: [ profile] kahn who told me to just give up and rewrite most of it, and [ profile] minerva710 who told me to give up and rewrite the rest and then patted me on the head while I declared my intention to set this fic on fire and never write again.
Warnings: Emotional manipulation/abuse (Ty is a dick) and a scene that could be triggery for people with non-con/attempted non-con triggers. No non-con occurs in this story, but Ty is not taking no for an answer so please be advised.
Summary: Tiberius is back in Tony's life. It could be going better.

Chapter Seven can be found here on AO3.
Earlier chapters are here.
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Title: Sex, Lies and Newsprint: A Year of Cap/Tony Romance As Told By the Tabloids
Chapter: Part Six: Off The Wagon!
Pairing: Steve/Tony
Rating: PG
Beta: Thank you, [ profile] kahn! Any remaining mistakes are all mine.
Warnings: This chapter discusses Tony's alcoholism. If that's uncomfortable for you, please use your discretion.
Summary: Tony Stark has started drinking again and it's obviously all Steve's fault for being such a bad boyfriend - wait, what?

This chapter is super-short and kind of sweet, possibly in order to make up for the next one which is getting super-porny. ^_^

Previous chapters can be found here: Sex, Lies and Newsprint
or go straight to chapter six.
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So if you don't want to be spoiled for season six of Criminal Minds, read no further.



This is the season where Emily faked her death and Reid, in unrelated news, was having a really hard time because he was afraid he was going to inherit his mother's mental illness.

What if the BAU is working on some terrible case, really bloody, violent, they have to stop this guy fast and they just can't find him. And the unsub has some vague connection to Emily, like she'd taken him down before, or when she was CIA he was on her radar or something. And the whole team is having Emily feels, right?

But Reid goes home one night and Emily is in his apartment. And she tells him things about the case that, when he goes in to work the next day, are all true. She tells him she trusts him and he can't tell anyone she was ever there but she never says "Oh, by the way, I faked my death and I'm in hiding, but this guy is bad news and I can't let you get hurt."

So Reid is convinced he's just had his first hallucination. All the things Emily told him were things he COULD have intuited from the material they've collected on the unsub. It could just be a leap of intuitive logic that made him figure it out - which is what all his teammates think happened. But every time Reid sees Emily - and she pops up several times throughout the fic, because she's following the case and trying to look out for them - he just becomes more convinced that he's going crazy.

And this will totally be a Reid/Morgan fic because who else would Reid turn to if he really thought he was hallucinating? And he tells Emily one day that he told Morgan, and she's all "Okay, I understand, he can protect you better than I can." And he's like, great, my hallucination thinks I need looking after, that's very reassuring.

At some point Emily realizes what's happening to Reid and there's some big dramatic showdown where they catch the bigbad - maybe the bad guy has Morgan? Or Emily? I don't know this part yet.


And Reid and Derek totally hook up. And Emily is all "I technically got them together, you know." And Hotch is like, "It doesn't count as matchmaking when you convince one of them that they're insane."
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Title: Sex, Lies and Newsprint: A Year of Cap/Tony Romance As Told By the Tabloids
Chapter: Part Five: Dangerous Love
Pairing: Steve/Tony
Rating: PG
Beta: Thank you, [ profile] amaronith, [ profile] isiscaughey and [ profile] kahn! Any remaining mistakes are all mine.
Warnings: This fic mentions (but does not in any way depict or actually contain) non-descriptive acts of domestic violence.
Summary: Steve Rogers is a violent man with anger control issues and obviously Tony is in over his head. Wait, what?

Seriously, every time I come up with a title for one of these tabloid fics, I feel like I'm writing a Sweet Valley High book. In fact, I'm 90% certain Dangerous Love actually was one.

Previous chapters can be found here: Sex, Lies and Newsprint on AO3
or skip straight to the new one: Chapter Five.
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A while back (like, years), someone who shall not be named (it was totally [ profile] lady_flamewing requested an epilogue to The Longest Winter in which several things were to happen. I never wrote that. I did write a picnic scene where Yuusuke is a dork and takes the piss out of Kuwabara. It never really went anywhere and I'm forced to admit it probably never will. I'm mostly posting it just so I can publicly admit that I never finish anything and suck.

I always thought picnics were romantic. I obviously had no idea. )
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"Where are we going?" he asked, slouching down in his seat and pulling out his phone. There's time for Angry Birds (Tony's trying to convince the developers to put in a little brown one that wears purple pants and turns into a giant green one that smashes things when you tap the screen, but they seem to feel that would be crossing a line somehow).

Tony likes World of Goo better because, hi, physics engine. Pepper deleted it off his phone when she caught him forming the goo piles into obscene shapes during board meetings.
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Title: Sex, Lies and Newsprint: A Year of Cap/Tony Romance as Told By the Tabloids
Universe: Marvel Adventures
Pairing: Steve/Tony
Warnings: None
Summary: Captain America is riding motorcycles, wearing leather and punching people. Obviously he's under the bad influence of Tony Stark because we all know Captain America would never have done any of those things on his own! Wait, what?

Previous chapters can be found here: Sex Lies and Newsprint

He's a Bad, Bad Influence )
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When pride in having your fic turn up on a rec list is immediately countered by the description of: "Not that great, but okay, has some good moments."


Teach me to get a swelled head. :P


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