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Title: Five Fandoms That Ended in Zombie Apocalypse 3/5: TMNT
Rating: PG, Gen, Trigger Warning:click for details )
Summary: Leo and Mikey had gone first.

Previous (unconnected) apocalypses can be found below:
Hardy Boys

TMNT Zombie Apocalypse )
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Okay, I'm never going to get anything done unless I stop watching TMNT music videos on Youtube. Seriously.

Question! When a soldier relieves someone they are the relief, yes? But the person they are relieving, do they have a term? And if so, what the heck is it? I have the feeling there's something really obvious that my brain is just forgetting and I'm going to feel incredibly stupid when I hear it.
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Title: The Haunting of April O'Neil
Author: [ profile] nightwalker
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama/Horror, AU, Missing Scene
Series: 2003-verse
Summary: Rebuilding a world would be harder than saving it. But first there are some ghosts that need to be laid to rest.
Notes/Warnings: This story is set after the events of the episode Same As it Never Was and is a direct sequel to my story "His Obedient Servant". If you have not read that story, you should still be able to understand this one just fine.

Thanks to my beta-readers: [ profile] kahn, [ profile] amaronith and [ profile] jenjinn.

The Haunting of April O'Neil )
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Title: The Last Human
Rating: PG
Summary: The mutagen got in to the water, the soil, the crops, the livestock. It got into the humans too, but it took longer for people to notice.

( The Last Human )
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Title: Obedient Servant
Author: [ profile] nightwalker
Rating: PG-13/R for non-graphic violence and dark themes
Characters: Karai, Shredder; some Turtles, Casey and April
Genre: AU/Missing Scene/Character Study/Drama
Fandom: 2003-verse
Summary: Shredder couldn't have done it without her. That is her burden to bear.

Note: This is set during the episode Same As it Never Was and attempts to fill in some of the gaps.

( The great Lord Shredder is the most feared of all men. )
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Title:After The End of the World
Characters: April
Rating: G
Summary: The world didn't exactly end. Sometimes it seems like it did.
Notes: Set in the Archie-verse, loosely. If the Archie-verse were crossed over with a certain movie about aliens.

April never saw the Turtles again. )
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Title: Donatello and Leonardo Trapped in an Elevator During the End of the World.
Or Maybe Just the End of New York, It's Hard to Tell With the Lights Out.
Summary: The title is a summary!
Rating: PG
Characters: Leo and Don, with some Mikey, Raph and Splinter
Author's Note: So the title is incredibly long, but it's all I could come up with. :) This is one of my first attempts at writing from Leo's point of view, and I'm not sure how it came out.

I dedicate this story to [ profile] amoronith because a couple months ago she had a bad day and I said "I should write her a happy fic!" Instead I wrote this. And it took me two months. Um... Sorry?

Donatello and Leonardo Trapped in an Elevator During the End of the World. Or Maybe Just the End of New York, It's Hard to Tell With the Lights Out. )
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Title: Stillborn
Rating: G/PG
Genre: Character Piece, sort of a missing scene, but not really.
Fandom: TMNT 2003 (Fast Forward-centric)
Summary: Raph hates the future.

Author's Note: This is a short piece, Raphael-centric, focusing on something I wish had made its way in to the show.

( Raph hates the future. )
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Title: Miles To Go
Pairing: Genfic
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: set in the 2003-verse
Summary: It's only the fact that Donnie has control of their coffee supply and a truly vindictive sense of humor when he feels he's been provoked that gets Casey to wriggle out of his sleeping bag, reach for the handgun and crawl out into the rain.
Author's Note: Much love to my beta-readers wyntir_rose and the harsh and unforgiving kahn aka "KAAAAAAHN!". Any remaining mistakes are my own.

Hey gang. I previously posted part 2 of this, but after much discussion with my beta-readers, decided to cut it. It didn't feel right, and I think it would serve better in a different part of the story. Therefore this part, the third I am posting, is actually part two. ^_^

( Miles to Go: Part Two )
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Title: The Top Five Ways Raph Secretly Shows He Loves His Brothers (even when they're being assholes *cough*LEO*cough*)
Author: [ profile] nightwalker
Characters: Raphael;All
Rating: PG
Genre: character study
Fandom: 2003-verse
Summary: The title pretty much says it all. ;) As always, c&c is always welcome. This was dedicated to [ profile] amaronith.

The Top Five Ways Raph Secretly Shows He Loves His Brothers (even when they're being assholes *cough*LEO*cough*) )
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Title: Miles To Go, Part 2
Author: [ profile] nightwalker
Pairing: Genfic
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Action-adventure, post-apocalyptic!fic
Fandom: set in the 2003-verse
Summary: Back then, there were no days when Casey didn't want a fight. So when he saw a Marauder camp, he went in looking to start something.
Author's Note: Much love to my beta-readers [ profile] intravox. Any remaining mistakes are my own.

( Miles to Go: Part One )

Miles to Go: Part Two )
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Title: Dinosaurs, PTSD and Museum Visiting Hours
Fandom: TMNT 2003
Summary: Don never did get to see the dinosaur display.
Author's Notes: This is set at the end of season four and references Good Genes as well as The Return of Savanti Romero. Much love to my beta readers [ profile] intravox and [ profile] wyntir_rose. Any remaining goofs and mistakes are all mine.

I can't believe you actually want to come back to this place )
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Title: Miles to Go (tentative title) 1/?
Fandom: TMNT
Characters: Donatello, Casey
Setting: 2003 'verse
Rating: PG-13 for this chapter.

Summary:Once, a long time ago, Casey hadn't stripped the bodies of the Marauders he'd killed – hell, he'd gone out of his way to avoid killing them. He remembers what it was like to be so fucking stupid.

Miles to Go )
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I am, apparently, a sheep

Grabbed from [ profile] jenjinn

If you make up titles for stories I didn't write, I will respond with details of those non-written stories. Just think of the possibilities! (If you'd like to include details you'd like, pairings or fandom or something, do that too.)



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