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This is incredibly, incredibly rough, so fair warning.

A long time ago, I started a story I tentatively titled "Fornever" and mostly referred to as "The Reincarnation Arc". The plot was simple: Yuusuke and the gang take down a demon named Enarin who has been stealing human souls destined for the Spirit World, not realizing that the whole thing was a trap and that they've actually sealed the wrong demon. The true soul-stealer then attacks while they're unprepared and off their guard, killing Kuwabara, Genkai and Keiko before vanishing into the Makai. Koenma informs Yuusuke and the others that the three souls never made it to the Spirit World and that they're probably lost forever. The story flash forwards a hundred years or so to Yuusuke encountering Koenma's new Reikai Tantei as they hunt down Reveren, Enarin's twin, and the demon most likely responsible for the trap.

It was, admittedly, mostly an excuse to torment Yuusuke. In the original draft it was a Gundam Wing crossover (god help us all, right?) but who knows if that will make it into this version.

For no real reason this bunny reared its head tonight. The snippet below is what resulted. It's uneditted and unbetaed and may not make it into the final version. We'll see how it looks in the morning.

Speaking of morning, it's almost time for me to wake up, so I should get to bed. Night, all.


They're there this time, waiting for her at the top of the stone steps, Genkai on one side, Kuwabara and Keiko on the other. )


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