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I am way too attached to books sometimes. Also, there is no good reason why I have two copies of all the Starsky and Hutch novels. There's barely a good reason why I have one of each, two is very hard to justify. But I can't bring myself to throw them away. Books are not for throwing away!

At least I found a good home for the A-Team and CI5: The Professionals books.

In other news, I am a nerd.
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So has anyone seen The Eagle? Is it any good? All I know about it is that there is apparently a book as well, but I saw this music video (possible spoilers?) and it looks really good. Worth renting?

In other news, I have been awake fourteen hours and have accomplished almost nothing today. I did two loads of laundry, a load of dishes and I cleaned the kitchen sink. That sounds like more than it is, especially when you consider that I did all of that between 6:30 and 8 this morning. Also, I made [ profile] kahn pancakes. I haven't even gone outside today, I feel super lazy.

Oh! But the Home Depot guys came and installed the new screen door! I am totally into this door. It has a screen and a lock and is awesome! We can leave the front door open for light or a cross-breeze! (Look, I'm old. This is what old people get excited over. Home improvement, getting clothes for Christmas and Steve/Tony fanart.)

But seriously, one of you must have seen The Eagle. Verdict?
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13-Year-Old Persecuted By Rochester City School District For Writing Essay

Long story short: a thirteen year old girl named Jada Williams wrote an assigned essay on Frederick Douglass and compared some of his experiences to her own, pointing out that many of her black classmates are borderline illiterate and that her mostly white teachers don't seem to see anything wrong with that. Her English teacher told Jada - this is a grown woman in a position of authority saying this to a thirteen year old girl for whom she is responsible, mind - that she was offended by the essay. She then went on to photocopy it and hand it out to other teachers, many of whom took it upon themselves to call Jada's parents at home and tell them their daughter was "angry." Jada's grades suddenly dropped and when her mother asked to see the homework and essays her daughter had turned in so she could see the grading, the teachers wouldn't let her have them. As of the time the article was written, the school board was refusing to release her records, even though Jada's parents took her out of that school.

Jesus fuck, people. What the hell is wrong with you?
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Okay, you know what? I've tried to like Bones, but it's not happening. Booth is awesome and I like Cam and Miss Julian and Sweets and most of the interns but Angela's condescending "sweetie"s make me want to punch myself in the face and if Angela's father drugs and mutilates one more person without consequence I'm going to really start to wonder what the hell planet the writers are from that they think that's fucking CUTE. It's disgusting and this is seriously bothering me. Who thinks that's all right? The first time was obscene enough, but this is just gross.

And don't get me started on the cases. THAT IS NOT HOW THE FBI WORKS. Oh my god. Why is Booth in charge of every freaking homicide in the city? Are there no police in DC? Is this set in some horrible alternate universe where all the police officers are dead and there's just one FBI agent and his consultant-partner to mete out justice? Do you know how much a consultant like Brennan would get paid PER CASE? The FBI can't afford that! Booth and Brennan are the only cops out there because the salary they pay Brennan is so high they can't afford to pay for regular cops anymore! IT'S A DYSTOPIAN AU. That makes the mutilation without consequence thing make so much more sense.

Seriously, if my significant other's father ever drugged, kidnapped and did that to me and my partner thought that was okay, I'd divorce that fucker so fast they wouldn't know what happened WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT FAMILY?




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