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So has anyone seen The Eagle? Is it any good? All I know about it is that there is apparently a book as well, but I saw this music video (possible spoilers?) and it looks really good. Worth renting?

In other news, I have been awake fourteen hours and have accomplished almost nothing today. I did two loads of laundry, a load of dishes and I cleaned the kitchen sink. That sounds like more than it is, especially when you consider that I did all of that between 6:30 and 8 this morning. Also, I made [ profile] kahn pancakes. I haven't even gone outside today, I feel super lazy.

Oh! But the Home Depot guys came and installed the new screen door! I am totally into this door. It has a screen and a lock and is awesome! We can leave the front door open for light or a cross-breeze! (Look, I'm old. This is what old people get excited over. Home improvement, getting clothes for Christmas and Steve/Tony fanart.)

But seriously, one of you must have seen The Eagle. Verdict?
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A while back (like, years), someone who shall not be named (it was totally [ profile] lady_flamewing requested an epilogue to The Longest Winter in which several things were to happen. I never wrote that. I did write a picnic scene where Yuusuke is a dork and takes the piss out of Kuwabara. It never really went anywhere and I'm forced to admit it probably never will. I'm mostly posting it just so I can publicly admit that I never finish anything and suck.

I always thought picnics were romantic. I obviously had no idea. )
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"Where are we going?" he asked, slouching down in his seat and pulling out his phone. There's time for Angry Birds (Tony's trying to convince the developers to put in a little brown one that wears purple pants and turns into a giant green one that smashes things when you tap the screen, but they seem to feel that would be crossing a line somehow).

Tony likes World of Goo better because, hi, physics engine. Pepper deleted it off his phone when she caught him forming the goo piles into obscene shapes during board meetings.
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Questions meme!

Comment to this post, and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

My questions from [ profile] isiscaughey are:

Questions! Lots of questions! Probably not much in the way of answers, though. )
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It's possible that I'm taking the 2012 Reading Challenge over at a little too seriously. On the one hand, yay I'm reading a lot more steadily than I have been the last few months. On the other hand, I'm getting weirdly competitive with the little progress bar. "Oh, I'm right on target, am I? Fuck you, progress bar! I WILL READ THREE BOOKS TODAY. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THAT!"

And now I'm ahead and I'm worried about falling behind. I fear I have lost perspective.
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Okay, you know what? I've tried to like Bones, but it's not happening. Booth is awesome and I like Cam and Miss Julian and Sweets and most of the interns but Angela's condescending "sweetie"s make me want to punch myself in the face and if Angela's father drugs and mutilates one more person without consequence I'm going to really start to wonder what the hell planet the writers are from that they think that's fucking CUTE. It's disgusting and this is seriously bothering me. Who thinks that's all right? The first time was obscene enough, but this is just gross.

And don't get me started on the cases. THAT IS NOT HOW THE FBI WORKS. Oh my god. Why is Booth in charge of every freaking homicide in the city? Are there no police in DC? Is this set in some horrible alternate universe where all the police officers are dead and there's just one FBI agent and his consultant-partner to mete out justice? Do you know how much a consultant like Brennan would get paid PER CASE? The FBI can't afford that! Booth and Brennan are the only cops out there because the salary they pay Brennan is so high they can't afford to pay for regular cops anymore! IT'S A DYSTOPIAN AU. That makes the mutilation without consequence thing make so much more sense.

Seriously, if my significant other's father ever drugged, kidnapped and did that to me and my partner thought that was okay, I'd divorce that fucker so fast they wouldn't know what happened WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT FAMILY?


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Peter: "Man, it's just not fair. Even after getting super-powers, I'm still just a nerd."
Tony: "Could be worse. You could be Clark Kent."
Peter: "Clark who?"
Tony: "You know. Superman."
Peter: "YOU KNOW SUPERMAN'S SECRET IDENTITY? Wait, did you just OUT Superman? Tony! That's not ethical!"
Tony: "Please. Like you'd tell anyone. Anyway, he knows yours, so it's only fair."
Peter: "YOU TOLD HIM?"
Tony: "What do you take me for? No! Batman figured it out about a week after you bought your first pair of red tights."
Peter: "Batman. Batman knows who I am?"
Tony: "Batman knows who pretty much everyone is. Although I had him convinced Thor was Carol Danvers for a while there."
Peter: "..."
Tony: "In Bats' defense, they were never in the same place at the same time, and I might have led him to believe Carol was a shape-shifting hermaphrodite."
Peter: "... like Sosai X?"
Tony: "I don't know who that is. Anyway, I don't think anyone in this town has a secret identity anymore."
Peter: "Except Batman."
Tony: "..."
Tony: "Please. I am a genius, why do people always forget that? Anyway, we go way back. We share a few social circles. Jan probably knows him, now that I think about it."
Steve: *wanders in* "Didn't you two date once?"
Peter: "You dated Batman? BATMAN. BAT. MAN. You dated him?"
Tony: "Dating is a very strong word. It was more like a series of loosely connected one-night-stands. The three of us weren't really looking for anything permanent-"
Peter: "Three of us? There were three of you? WAS CAP THERE?"
Steve: "No. That was Superman. I'd have sex with a pissed off Hulk before I'd have sex with Batman."
Tony: "That's... well, actually, I can't argue with that. How did you know Clark was there?"
Steve: "You talk in your sleep."
Tony: "I do?"
Steve: "Amongst other things."
Tony: "Really?"
Steve: "Oh yeah."
Peter: "What? Where did this conversation go?"
*Steve and Tony leave*
Peter: "So this is what it feels like to realize your parents are having sex. Ew. Ew. Ew."
Clint: *walking through, claps Peter on the shoulder* "I feel you, kid."
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Title: Birthday Cake
Pairings/Characters: Steve/Tony
A/N: She'll deny it, but this is all [ profile] amaronith's fault.
Universe: Could be either MA or 616
Rating: Hard R for sexual situations
Warnings: kinky food sex?

Summary: Steve is decorating his birthday cake. Tony is all about that.

Tony woke because something was tickling his stomach. )
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oh god they're in the house

(in other news, my kitten likes to hunt and murder crickets. I love my kitten.)


Jul. 4th, 2011 10:16 pm
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This is awesome.

Craig Ferguson's Doctor Who Dance Number

Seriously. Go watch that!
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"We've learned a valuable lesson here today: Trust no one."
"That's not the lesson!"
~Spider-Man and Storm,

"Your first mistake was having an idea. Your second mistake was acting on that idea."

I just read the first part of Infinity Quest and it makes me sad. Steve and Tony are all falling apart and hating each other. I needed an MA innoculation against the angst.
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Second day at my new job went pretty well, except that I CANNOT get the combinations to work. I know the combination, but the locks do not open. My trainer thinks it's hilarious because she watched me do it about twenty times before taking over and swears I was doing it right. It just did not open!

In other news, meme:

Leave the name of a character/person from a fandom you know I'm in, and I will tell you--

* How I FEEEEEL about this character
* All the people I ship romantically with this character
* My non-romantic OTP for this character -
* My unpopular opinion about this character
* One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.
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Fandom: The Hardy Boys
Title: Semantics, or: Joe vs The Naked Guy
Warnings: Well, there's a naked guy?
Notes: This fic contains no murder, abductions, torture or angst. Frank and Joe get off easy for once. (I figured I owed them one.)
Summary: Joe's crashing at Frank's for the holiday weekend, but it looks like Frank already has company. It might be time for Joe to stop being the quietly understanding baby brother and start being the pushy, obnoxious one.

Semantics )
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So [ profile] lady_flamewing mentioned Yu Yu Hakusho and A Song of Ice and Fire in the same post and this is where my brain went. Bad brain. Bad.

Title:Dragon's Blood
Fandom: YYH/aSoIaF
Characters: ... everyone? Sort of?
Pairings: n/a mild Kurama/Hiei if you squint and can read my mind
Warnings: Blood and death, mostly off screen. Implied rape, off screen (Lyanna).
Summary: It's been a long, long, time but it looks like Koenma might be getting the band back together. You know. Or not. Set seven thousand years after the end of YYH and taking RIDICULOUS liberties with the canon of ASoIaF.
Notes: Yeah, there isn't ever going to be MORE of this. One hopes. Also, while I support the theory that Lyanna was more than happy to be Rhaegar's mistress, I went with the whole "abducted and imprisoned" thing that her ex-fiance believed. It's been almost four or five years since I read the SoIaF, so if I made any ridiculous errors, please let me know.

Koenma had put Kurama up to it. )
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"You must choose which of your friends remains behind, my prisoner for all eternity."

Kuwabara rolled his eyes. "Yeah, real tough call there, asshole. Hiei, fuck off. Yuusuke and Kurama come with me."

Hiei made a gesture he could only have learned from the human world.

Yuusuke snickered against Kurama's shoulder while the youko rolled his eyes and nudged him back into an upright position. "Stop encouraging them," Kurama scolded.
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I think I just broke up with Batman comics. I mean, seriously WTF? And why hasn't anyone locked Damian in a closet and lost the key by now? And where the hell is Tim Drake? He's 95% of the reason I read these comics anymore! (The remaining 5% goes like this: 1% Dick Grayson, 1% Alfred being snarky and 3% Dick and Tim being adorkable together.)

I think I am going to cave in and get the Internet again because I'm getting really tired of not being able to do research whenever I want.

I have a wicked urge to write Jupiter Jones/Pete Crenshaw/Bob Andrews OT3. And if you don't know who they are, that means I haven't warped your childhood the way I have mine.

Having a Ninja Turtles marathon does NOT make it any easier to finish this stupid YYH fic and I am on a serious deadline here.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is awesome because Annabeth is a brainchild. BRAINCHILD. I love Rick Riordan.

Septimus Heap does not appear in Septimus Heap until the last two pages or so. FYI. Still a good book.

I cross YYH over with everything, but the Anita Blake crossover is Sonnet's fault. I actually want to write it because I think it's a good idea - also, I think Kurama could lay waste to Anita's entire harem with one dirty look - but that means I'll have to read the AB books for research and I'm not sure I'm into masochism to that extent.

Work is interesting. One of the ASMs is leaving for another store and he wants me to try for his position. It would be a small promotion and a very small raise, but I'm going for it anyway. I do not think I'll get it.

I really need to get around to mailing the Christmas presents that have been sitting on the bookshelf in my living room for six months now. Yes, I am a procrastinator, why do you ask?

Sears will fix my struts for $300 less than Meineke. Which is good, because I'll probably have to replae the tires as well, since I think they've been just about destroyed.

Need to email my betrothed. Both of them.

Have vacation! Do not know what I'm doing yet. June 21st-30th may involve nothing more complicated than sleeping in and going to the beach every day. I kind of want to take a trip, though.

Transformers movie! Wheeeeee!

Kaylin is moving to St. Louis at the end of the summer, which makes me sad. She was my favorite almost sister-in-law and now it looks like she's going to be my ex-almost-sister-in-law. She's coming down for a few days in August, so at least we'll get to hang out before she leaves.

Just discovered Lewis Black ranting about gay marriage. Must not laugh out loud in public library.

"I am heartily disappointed. And the pope is crying."
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Splinter: "Explain further."

Michelangelo: "Destruction good. Humanity bad. Wipe 'em all out, I say!"

That Mikey. He sure can make a compelling argument.

I'm watching Reality Check and it's such a silly little episode; almost a filler ep, since Mikey's actions don't directly impact the overarcing plotline - we see things happen to Mike and find out later that it was all part of Leo's ongoing effort to rescue him, but Mike himself is mostly just bumming around pretending to be a super-hero.

At the same time, it's really kind of an interesting storyline. Yeah, the superpowers thing is gratuitous, but I really like AUs and the various possibilities. The idea that there's a universe out there where Splinter raised his sons to be footsoldiers in his bid for world domination, and that they eventually turned on him, is really kind of intriguing. They don't seem to think of 'The Sliver' as a father at all, though when they talk about Splinter they seem to genuinely mourn him. Michelangelo just goes along with the whole thing with remarkably little hestitation at leaving an alternate version of his father to die. But then, The Sliver really is very far removed from Splinter in every way that counts except one: The Sliver wanted his sons back at his side. So, yeah. Interesting.

And then there's Same As It Never Was in which, part of the same arc, Donatello is catapulted 30 years into the future to a time where Shredder conquered the world. It's really very dark and the bit that I liked best is the sheer desperation his brothers show when they get him back. Michelangelo is almost angry at Donatello - showing him things he knows will hurt him without any warning, such as Splinter's grave. You get the impression that Mike is punishing Don for coming back unchanged as much as he's punishing him for having left. Raph and Leo, on the other hand, who were in the past far more inclined to hold a grudge than Mike, don't demonstrate any such emotion. They're happy to see him, though very confused as to where he's been and why he's still fifteen. Raph hugs him, for God's sake.

We get a little bit of explanation for Michelangelo's behavior; after Donatello vanished, everything fell apart. Shredder started winning more and more fights because the guys were grieving and fighting amongst themselves. When Shredder attacked them at home, Splinter died defending them and the three of them had no way to save him. It's implied that they left while he was still alive, that he told them to leave him behind. That's gotta suck. Then Raph and Leo each take off on their own and Mikey's effectively lost three brothers and a father. After Donatello comes back and asks Mike to help him get everyone together again, Mike has to go to April to get ahold of Leo and Raph, indicating pretty effectively that he doesn't know where his brothers are or how to get to them.

So it's safe to say that Mike was probably pretty bitter about being abandoned, and maybe even resentful of Donatello. Raph and Leo were so broken up over losing Donnie that they turned their backs on Mike, but as soon as Donnie comes back, they're willing to make amends and be a family again.

Now, in canon, we have enough evidence of how close these guys are and how they interact, to make some conclusions. First of all, the guys are very close, so it's certainly possible that losing Donnie really messed them up - especially since they never knew where he went or if he was alive or dead. And Leo and Raph are not good at emotional stuff, tending to bottle things up and deal with it on their own, so it's very likely that they weren't able to cope with Mike's emotional state on top of their own grief. Leo and Raph also tend to take things out on each other, a habit we see a lot of in the first season, where they more or less use each other as punching bags while they work through their issues. With Splinter and Donnie gone, and Mike a mess himself, there wasn't anyone to referee or point out that they were just hurting each other, so they crossed a line they'd always managed to avoid before.

I doubt Raph and Leo consciously abandoned Mike so much as they just couldn't cope themselves and had to get away.

I doubt Michelangelo was unhappy Don came back, although the circumstances probably made him a little resentful. We probably can't blame him for that; thirty years of pain and loss and anger and Donatello got to skip out on all of it, showing up again just as they'd all lost hope and digging open old wounds.

Things that happened after Don left:

Splinter died.
Casey died.
Michelangelo lost his arm.
Raphael lost his eye.
Leo was blinded.
Shredder conquered the world.

That's a whole lot of suck to have to cope with.

And then there's Donatello's side of the story, where between one heartbeat and the next everything he's ever known has been destroyed, and he's stuck coping with it. He has no way back, no way to prevent this, and as far as he knows, this is the time and place he's going to be trapped in for the rest of this life. And then he goes and gets everyone killed.

Okay, not exactly. But he comes up with a plan to take down Shredder and the guys go along with him and one by one get themselves killed. Karai kills Leo and Raph and Michelangelo gives his life to buy Donatello a chance to complete the mission. This scene would have been a little more effective if the screenwriters had phrased things a bit differently ("My poor, poor brothers?" Please. The guys just saw his family massacred, and that's all he can say?") but can you imagine the nightmares he's going to have now that Leo's rescued him and he's back in his own time?

Still, I think future Mike's emotional state and personality was the most interesting part of that episode. It was something I could see Mike becoming, under those circumstances.

I take cartoons too seriously, don't I?

Ask me about the metal state of Urameshi Yuusuke during the Toguro fight. I dare you.


28 days till TMNT.
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It wasn't that Yuusuke had anything against zombies. He'd fought dozens and aside from a pretty gross tendency to squish when he punched them, they weren't any worse than any other monster. Well, the smell was pretty bad. But after fighting real zombies the ones in the movies just weren't as much fun as they had been. Yuusuke used to love watching people get their heads chewed off by the walking dead; nowadays he mostly watched zombie flicks for a laugh. Nothing that inaccurate could be scary. It'd be like watching a horror movie about killer goldfish. Who could seriously be scared by something like that?

On screen, someone was desperately trying to outrun a horde of ravening, screeching zombies, only to trip and fall. Yuusuke rolled his eyes as the horde descended upon her and began to feed. Zombies lurched. Hell, the mostly just swayed with some vague forward momentum. A man with two broken legs could outrun a real zombie.

He was bored, he decided as he took a sip of the beer sitting at his elbow. It had been sitting out too long, warm and flat and unpalatable, but he drank it anyway because he was pretty sure it was the last one in the house. He was bored and out of beer and the movie wasn't even bad enough to really be funny.

Maybe that's why, the next time Kuwabara tipped his head back to make a scathing comment about how stupid the motely band of heroes was, Yuusuke grabbed him by the hair, pulled his head back against the couch and shoved his tongue halfway down Kuwabara's throat.

He got decked for that one, but not, he noted smugly, for almost a full minute.


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