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Fandom: The Hardy Boys
Title: Semantics, or: Joe vs The Naked Guy
Warnings: Well, there's a naked guy?
Notes: This fic contains no murder, abductions, torture or angst. Frank and Joe get off easy for once. (I figured I owed them one.)
Summary: Joe's crashing at Frank's for the holiday weekend, but it looks like Frank already has company. It might be time for Joe to stop being the quietly understanding baby brother and start being the pushy, obnoxious one.

Semantics )
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Title: Five Fandoms That Ended in Zombie Apocalypse 2/5
Fandom: The Hardy Boys
Warnings: death of a canon character
Pairings: Laura/Fenton
Summary: The Hardys weren't the sort of family that dismissed strange noises in the middle of the night.

The Hardy Boys Zombie Apocalypse )

Fic Post

Nov. 27th, 2008 11:27 pm
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Title: The Queen of Hearts
Fandom: The Hardy Boys
Summary: It was the one case Frank Hardy never solved.
Notes: Mildy disturbing material in some places.

Dedicated to [ profile] kahn who wrote me a gift fic that I just had to espand upon.

The Queen of Hearts
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hmm... Tired Kelly. But I got about eight hours of sleep, so it's time to get up, anyway.

Last night was fun. I think I started falling asleep halfway through "dinner" but I met some nice people and had a conversation with a guy named Steve about being a teacher. He forbid me from working for the city of Richmond. Said I'd need a few decades of experience before I tackled that one.

Now I'm watching He-Man and trying to remember the dream I had last night. It involved the Hardy Boys, and Frank's girlfriend (not Callie, though she looked like her) was plotting to kill them, so Joe had to come up with a way of distracting her. Then it got a little weird. I remember that the bad guys were very skilled and putting bombs in innocuous things, like televisions, donuts and grapes. Go figure.

Now I want to read the Hardy Boys. What book haven't I read lately? *goes to look*

Oh, and because I thought it was quite interesting - Indigoskynet posted in her journal that the first baby of 2003 was born to lesbian parents. ^_^ They live in Bethesda and the sperm donor is a close family friend.

And John Rhys-Davies broke his arm after being trapped beneath a falling wall on the set of The Muskateers. He's all right, otherwise.

Newsworthy morning. Now, I am going to go cook lunch and disconnect the phone. If one mor person calls before I finish updating this...


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