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Holiday card post! I like mailing things! Leave me a comment with your address and I'll send you a card. (You can specify if you want a generic holiday card or if you'd prefer to receive something more specific). I have also been known to randomly include presents. I'm just saying.

Comments are screened, so the addresses will be for my eyes only.

Guys. GUYS. I have like a hundred stamps. Do not fail me!
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So has anyone seen The Eagle? Is it any good? All I know about it is that there is apparently a book as well, but I saw this music video (possible spoilers?) and it looks really good. Worth renting?

In other news, I have been awake fourteen hours and have accomplished almost nothing today. I did two loads of laundry, a load of dishes and I cleaned the kitchen sink. That sounds like more than it is, especially when you consider that I did all of that between 6:30 and 8 this morning. Also, I made [ profile] kahn pancakes. I haven't even gone outside today, I feel super lazy.

Oh! But the Home Depot guys came and installed the new screen door! I am totally into this door. It has a screen and a lock and is awesome! We can leave the front door open for light or a cross-breeze! (Look, I'm old. This is what old people get excited over. Home improvement, getting clothes for Christmas and Steve/Tony fanart.)

But seriously, one of you must have seen The Eagle. Verdict?
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I used to love The Authority, but I stopped reading it for a while. Money was tight, and then the storyline went somewhere I didn't care to follow, and hey, look! It's ten years later! I heard good things about some of the more recent storylines and decided to pick up two volumes - World's End and Rule Brittania, both by Dan Arnett - and was pleasantly surprised. Then, of course, I discover that they've rebooted the team again and written off the two gay characters - my favorite characters - and now I just feel sort of bitter. (Although I guess they're both in Stormwatch? I don't even know. I don't really keep up with DC on the best of days and that was before they hired Liefield.)
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Things I Did Not Accomplish This Weekend:
-going to the store
-clothes shopping
-final edits on the article I'm shopping
-sending in job applications
-finishing the next chapter of the Engagement

Things I Did Accomplish This Weekend:
-does writing seven thousand words of Hawaii Five-O slash count as an accomplishment?
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Second day at my new job went pretty well, except that I CANNOT get the combinations to work. I know the combination, but the locks do not open. My trainer thinks it's hilarious because she watched me do it about twenty times before taking over and swears I was doing it right. It just did not open!

In other news, meme:

Leave the name of a character/person from a fandom you know I'm in, and I will tell you--

* How I FEEEEEL about this character
* All the people I ship romantically with this character
* My non-romantic OTP for this character -
* My unpopular opinion about this character
* One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.
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Well, aside from my dumbass brother managing to buy himself the same thing I got him (because he's a dumbass, you see) and my dad's present being very, very late in arriving, Christmas went well. I'm in Richmond, visiting [ profile] kahn. She made roast beef for dinner and we mostly hung out, read the Yuletide archives and watched the newest season of Futurama. I've also been slogging through the archives of Query Shark and - holy crap, it's 2 AM.

It's snowing here, though we've only gotten an inch or so. I have work tomorrow so I'm torn between hoping I don't get snowed in and hoping that it blizzes overnight so they close the store (oh, please, please, please). I hope everyone had a great day today! I am going to go collapse in a comfy bed.
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I have a kitten!

She's just about eight weeks old, black with greenish-yellow eyes. Very affectionate right now, she likes to sleep curled up against my neck and will even climb my legs and sleep on my shoulder while I am on the computer or reading or watching TV. She seems to get along with me pre-existing cat, Lusi (inherited from my ex-roommate [ profile] snapedinhalf so long ago that I basically forget she hasn't always been mine). Lusi likes the kitten well enough, as long as the kitten doesn't pounce on her.

I'm trying to decide on a name for her. Originally I was planning to name her Sadie (short for Saetan, since Lusi is short for Lusiphur, they would kind of match). But Sadie doesn't really fit her and I'm not crazy about naming my cat Saetan. As it is I spend a lot of time explaining that Lusi isn't ACTUALLY named after the devil. ("It's LUSIPHUR, not Lucifer!")

I'm toying with Lexington. It goes with Lusiphur and Lexi seems to fit her. Other choices on the table are Gimli, Niko and Katara, but I'm not feeling those as much.
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Oh, I do so hope Texas wins today.

*smiles innocently*
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Had a good time in DC with my brother and [ profile] kahn and company. Did not get to see [ profile] meiran, which is sad, but perhaps next time. After standing in one place all afternoon, I am all sunburned on just one side of my body.
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Okay, I'm never going to get anything done unless I stop watching TMNT music videos on Youtube. Seriously.

Question! When a soldier relieves someone they are the relief, yes? But the person they are relieving, do they have a term? And if so, what the heck is it? I have the feeling there's something really obvious that my brain is just forgetting and I'm going to feel incredibly stupid when I hear it.
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Thanks to everyone who wished me luck! The surgery went well (I woke up halfway through and asked to watch, then pouted when they told me to go back to sleep). I'm on disability right now because corporate is afraid I'll sue if I get hurt again, so I'm on forced vacation till Nov. 3rd at least. Unfortunately typing is really hard with most of my right hand in a brace, so I'm mostly going insane with boredom.
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I think I just broke up with Batman comics. I mean, seriously WTF? And why hasn't anyone locked Damian in a closet and lost the key by now? And where the hell is Tim Drake? He's 95% of the reason I read these comics anymore! (The remaining 5% goes like this: 1% Dick Grayson, 1% Alfred being snarky and 3% Dick and Tim being adorkable together.)

I think I am going to cave in and get the Internet again because I'm getting really tired of not being able to do research whenever I want.

I have a wicked urge to write Jupiter Jones/Pete Crenshaw/Bob Andrews OT3. And if you don't know who they are, that means I haven't warped your childhood the way I have mine.

Having a Ninja Turtles marathon does NOT make it any easier to finish this stupid YYH fic and I am on a serious deadline here.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is awesome because Annabeth is a brainchild. BRAINCHILD. I love Rick Riordan.

Septimus Heap does not appear in Septimus Heap until the last two pages or so. FYI. Still a good book.

I cross YYH over with everything, but the Anita Blake crossover is Sonnet's fault. I actually want to write it because I think it's a good idea - also, I think Kurama could lay waste to Anita's entire harem with one dirty look - but that means I'll have to read the AB books for research and I'm not sure I'm into masochism to that extent.

Work is interesting. One of the ASMs is leaving for another store and he wants me to try for his position. It would be a small promotion and a very small raise, but I'm going for it anyway. I do not think I'll get it.

I really need to get around to mailing the Christmas presents that have been sitting on the bookshelf in my living room for six months now. Yes, I am a procrastinator, why do you ask?

Sears will fix my struts for $300 less than Meineke. Which is good, because I'll probably have to replae the tires as well, since I think they've been just about destroyed.

Need to email my betrothed. Both of them.

Have vacation! Do not know what I'm doing yet. June 21st-30th may involve nothing more complicated than sleeping in and going to the beach every day. I kind of want to take a trip, though.

Transformers movie! Wheeeeee!

Kaylin is moving to St. Louis at the end of the summer, which makes me sad. She was my favorite almost sister-in-law and now it looks like she's going to be my ex-almost-sister-in-law. She's coming down for a few days in August, so at least we'll get to hang out before she leaves.

Just discovered Lewis Black ranting about gay marriage. Must not laugh out loud in public library.

"I am heartily disappointed. And the pope is crying."
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Is it kind of ridiculous that I'm always disappointed when no one bitches me out on fanficrants? I mean, seriously, that should be a good sign, right? Yet I always get a little excited when someone's complaining about one of my fandoms. They're sort of smallish, and sooner or later you'd think SOMEONE would want to complain about how much I suck, right?


In other news, Virginia is weird. It's 70 degrees out, and this morning I think we had a typhoon or something. I'm not even kidding. It's been like this all winter. Everyone's allergies are going nuts.

Still no RGB boxset. Still working on it.

I'm looking for a part-time job to help pay off my credit card. I've decided I'm not allowed to pay for internet OR Netflix until I pay off this credit card. May go mad. May be shot by librarians.

New Year's was fun. I got books! And hung out with some old friends from college. [ profile] sidara is coming out soon and we're going to my brother's place for a couple of days so we can attend inauguration as part of the luckless masses who don't have tickets. We may meet [ profile] meiran for dinner as well (if all goes according to plan). I'm thinking Melting Pot.
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And I just realized that all my bookmarks are lost. Forever. *whimpers*
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Apparently I no longer have Internet at my house, so until that changes, I won't be around much. I shot out the two betas I was working on and paid all my bills real quick from work, and now I will vanish into the ether for all time.
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[ profile] jenjinn and I were on the road when things started getting really bad, on our way to [ profile] meiran's house for the weekend. We both made it here all right, and found [ profile] meiran and her husband in good shape if somewhat worried. We've made what arrangements we can, but the condo has sliding glass doors which we've had to board over, and the staircase out front is concrete, so it can't be demolished with any tool we have available.

Don't tell the others, but I'm worried about how long we can stay here.

We're too close to DC and there's a very limited supply of food and water. We may have to wait for the worst of the panic to pass and then take our chances on the road. I'd rather face the hungry undead than the panicked and desperate living, honestly. I think we can make it if we're smart.

We'll be heading north, to my parent's house in Northern Maine. It's an easily defensible home and my parents have large supplies laid in because of the store. I've been on the phone with my father several times today, trading advice on how best to protect ourselves until we're ready to move out.

If anyone can get in touch with [ profile] jenjinn's or [ profile] meiran's parents, let them know they are both safe for now.

And for God's sake, don't worry about us. Protect yourselves.
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Random Things:

Naomi Novik is evil. Just... Evil. Oh, I'll still throw money at her and have her babies, but jeez. That's some serious evil.

*wants the next one nooooow.* Has anyone invented time travel yet?

In the meantime I shall entertain myself with watching the last couple episodes of Heroes before I have to leave for dinner tonight. Hiro and Ando make everything better.

Talked to Colleen today: she says I'm more entertaining than cat barf. Gotta love that woman. I suppose. Dear Colleen, READ FASTER!

Tried to call Alexandra but she is either always at work, or in the witness protection program. Only time will tell.

Also, was asked to interview for a position at the new store. Have not yet decided. But basically, I'm not interested and I don't see how taking this position will make me
happier. So, I guess the answer is going to be no. We'll see.

In fandom-related news: Kuwabara is Gimli and Kurama is Legolas. And Yuusuke with press-on nails is Saruman.
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I'm still working my way through Heroes, slowly but surely.

I want to slap Nathan Petrelli upside the head with a bat. A large, metal bat. With spikes. Maybe it's also on fire. Seriously, people LIKE this guy?

Also, does wanting Issac and Peter to get together make me a bad person? Yes? Thought so...

Claire rocks. I like her. Also, Zack. Also just about everyone. OMG, Hiro!

Those are my thoughts for the day.
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Random items of some note:

-Raspberry lemonade is awesome.
-Half the city got shut down by some massive bomb scare. I blame [ profile] sidara. I have no proof, but that's never stopped me before.
-Shawna has decided (partially because of bomb scare) that the world is ending and wants me to teach her how to knit. I pointed out that knitting is very useful against blizzards and freaky Day After Tomorrow-type apocalypses but probably won't do much to save her from terrorists. She doesn't seem to care.
-Car is fixed, YAY!
-I'm going to see Resident Evil: Apocalypse on Friday.
-Work is... interesting. Was offered a promotion but turned it down because of the location. Still, interesting that it was offered. I've been hating work so much that I've been naturally assuming work also hates me. Apparently not.
-Started reading The Protecter's War by S.M. Stirling. Very, very good. Sequel to Dies the Fire which was also excellent. (I also lent Dies the Fire to Shawna which may be why she's suddenly so certain the world is going to end and only the knitters will survive.
-In a slightly related note - have signed up for archery lessons this spring. YAY! Sadly, am now extraordinarily broke.
-But not so broke I can't afford the trail ride at the beginning of October. Still going!
-Have decided that Internet is overrated and probably will not be getting it again any time soon. I'm sure you're all heart-broken.

Also, saw magnet in Spencer's the other day that made me think of [ profile] dredpirateleena and [ profile] yashakizu. It was just a white background with large red letters that proclaimed: "NEKKID!"

Anyone who went to Hollins knows why I immediately thought of them. The rest of you are welcome and encouraged to leap to any conclusion you like. :)
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Today was the first day of my vacation. It was also karaoke night at Cheeseburger in Paradise. These two events coincided nicely.

TMNT! *glee* I'm on my way to Reston this morning to see [ profile] meiran and [ profile] jenjinn.

See you guys next week!

ETA: I seem to have been promoted. Apparently someone did notice I was doing half the damn store's job for six weeks. Salary is still being negotiated (I'm asking them to backdate it to Feb 3rd, which is when I first started doing Marleaux's job, and that needs DM approval) but I start training my replacement on Wednesday, then on April 2nd I'll be in VA Beach for two weeks for formal training.


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