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Title: Presumed Dead
Author: Nightwalker/Onemuseleft/I don’t know whatever you want to call me is cool.
WARNING: There are spoilers for IM3 here, pretty massive ones and also some smaller ones for Cap 2 (based solely on gifs I’ve seen, but still) Also, if you haven't seen the movie and want to read this anyway, please be warned of implied main character death.
Summary: The Mandarin’s attack on Malibu was broadcasting live. Millions watched while Iron Man fell; it’s only reasonable to assume some of them were his friends. This is Steve’s reaction to watching the attack on the Malibu house.
Beta: Thanks Amaronith, for the quick and dirty beta read!
Universe: MCU

On AO3
On Tumblr
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Title: Sex, Lies and Newsprint: A Year of Cap/Tony Romance As Told By the Tabloids
Chapter: Chapter Eight: Baby Mama Drama!
Pairing: Steve/Tony, discussion of past Tony/others
Rating: PG
Beta: Kahn and Amaronith
Warnings: None for this chapter
Summary: The truth is finally out about Tony and Steve's fake relationship. Tony's upset, Steve's resigned, Luke Cage is not a homophobe and Natasha thinks the whole thing is hilarious.

Chapter Eight
The rest of the story
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Title: Sex, Lies and Newsprint: A Year of Cap/Tony Romance As Told By the Tabloids
Chapter: Chapter Seven: The No-So-Ex-Boyfriend!
Pairing: Steve/Tony discussion of past Tony/Tiberius and Tony/others
Rating: PG
Beta: [ profile] kahn who told me to just give up and rewrite most of it, and [ profile] minerva710 who told me to give up and rewrite the rest and then patted me on the head while I declared my intention to set this fic on fire and never write again.
Warnings: Emotional manipulation/abuse (Ty is a dick) and a scene that could be triggery for people with non-con/attempted non-con triggers. No non-con occurs in this story, but Ty is not taking no for an answer so please be advised.
Summary: Tiberius is back in Tony's life. It could be going better.

Chapter Seven can be found here on AO3.
Earlier chapters are here.
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Title: Sex, Lies and Newsprint: A Year of Cap/Tony Romance As Told By the Tabloids
Chapter: Part Six: Off The Wagon!
Pairing: Steve/Tony
Rating: PG
Beta: Thank you, [ profile] kahn! Any remaining mistakes are all mine.
Warnings: This chapter discusses Tony's alcoholism. If that's uncomfortable for you, please use your discretion.
Summary: Tony Stark has started drinking again and it's obviously all Steve's fault for being such a bad boyfriend - wait, what?

This chapter is super-short and kind of sweet, possibly in order to make up for the next one which is getting super-porny. ^_^

Previous chapters can be found here: Sex, Lies and Newsprint
or go straight to chapter six.
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Peter (singsong): "Here comes the bride! All dressed in white!"
Tony: "Let's be honest with ourselves, kids. If I were a bride, there's no way I could get away with wearing white. Even I wouldn't be able to keep a straight face."
Peter: "But you're not denying that you would be the bride."
Tony: "Well, I'm certainly not throwing my back out trying to carry Steve across a threshold."
Peter: "Not two weeks ago I saw you throw him over your shoulder and jog for twelve city blocks."
Tony: "Yes, but it's amazing what you can accomplish when the paparazzi are after you."
Peter: "Those weren't paparazzi. They were HYDRA agents. With laser rifles."
Tony: "Oh. I might have overreacted a little, in that case."
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Title: Sex, Lies and Newsprint: A Year of Cap/Tony Romance As Told By the Tabloids
Chapter: Part Five: Dangerous Love
Pairing: Steve/Tony
Rating: PG
Beta: Thank you, [ profile] amaronith, [ profile] isiscaughey and [ profile] kahn! Any remaining mistakes are all mine.
Warnings: This fic mentions (but does not in any way depict or actually contain) non-descriptive acts of domestic violence.
Summary: Steve Rogers is a violent man with anger control issues and obviously Tony is in over his head. Wait, what?

Seriously, every time I come up with a title for one of these tabloid fics, I feel like I'm writing a Sweet Valley High book. In fact, I'm 90% certain Dangerous Love actually was one.

Previous chapters can be found here: Sex, Lies and Newsprint on AO3
or skip straight to the new one: Chapter Five.
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"Where are we going?" he asked, slouching down in his seat and pulling out his phone. There's time for Angry Birds (Tony's trying to convince the developers to put in a little brown one that wears purple pants and turns into a giant green one that smashes things when you tap the screen, but they seem to feel that would be crossing a line somehow).

Tony likes World of Goo better because, hi, physics engine. Pepper deleted it off his phone when she caught him forming the goo piles into obscene shapes during board meetings.
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Title: Sex, Lies and Newsprint: A Year of Cap/Tony Romance as Told By the Tabloids
Universe: Marvel Adventures
Pairing: Steve/Tony
Warnings: None
Summary: Captain America is riding motorcycles, wearing leather and punching people. Obviously he's under the bad influence of Tony Stark because we all know Captain America would never have done any of those things on his own! Wait, what?

Previous chapters can be found here: Sex Lies and Newsprint

He's a Bad, Bad Influence )
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Title: New Traditions
Pairings/Characters: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, appearances by Clint, Natasha, Pepper, Bruce, Thor and the Fantastic Four.
Warnings: This fic deals with Tony's alcoholism as a subplot, so if that's uncomfortable for you, please use discretion.
Beta: [ profile] kahn!

A/N: Written for [ profile] truthiness_aura for the 2011 [ profile] cap_ironman Secret Santa exchange. My prompt was: "All of Tony's old holiday traditions involved drinking somehow. Now he has to face his first holiday season as a sober man. Steve tries to help him out. Things I'd like to see: The two of them developing a new tradition together, a deepening friendship. Things I don't want: Too much angst, problems being magically solved."

On AO3
New Traditions )
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Title: Sex, Lies and Newsprint: A Year of Cap/Tony Romance as Told By the Tabloids
Universe: Marvel Adventures
Pairing: Steve/Tony
Warnings: None
Beta: none, feel free to point out any errors
Summary: Tony is corrupting America's paragon of virtue! Because Captain America has surely never even heard of sex, let alone - wait, what?

Previous parts can be found here: Sex, Lies and Newsprint

The Kinky Truth )
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Title: Marked
Universe: Avengers 616
Pairing: Steve/Tony (mentions of past Tony/others)
Warnings: None
Beta: none, feel free to point out any errors
Summary: Tony likes being marked. Steve likes making Tony happy.

Marked )
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Title: Sex Lies and Newsprint
Chapter: Chapter Two: Love Under Fire
Rating: PG for swearing and extremely mild sexual innuendo. No warnings apply.
Notes: Part Two of Sex, Lies and Newsprint but can be read as a stand-alone. Super fluffy and sappy.
Summary: No one approves of their love! Wait, what?

Previous chapters: Part One: Coming Out

Part Two: Love Under Fire )
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Peter: "Man, it's just not fair. Even after getting super-powers, I'm still just a nerd."
Tony: "Could be worse. You could be Clark Kent."
Peter: "Clark who?"
Tony: "You know. Superman."
Peter: "YOU KNOW SUPERMAN'S SECRET IDENTITY? Wait, did you just OUT Superman? Tony! That's not ethical!"
Tony: "Please. Like you'd tell anyone. Anyway, he knows yours, so it's only fair."
Peter: "YOU TOLD HIM?"
Tony: "What do you take me for? No! Batman figured it out about a week after you bought your first pair of red tights."
Peter: "Batman. Batman knows who I am?"
Tony: "Batman knows who pretty much everyone is. Although I had him convinced Thor was Carol Danvers for a while there."
Peter: "..."
Tony: "In Bats' defense, they were never in the same place at the same time, and I might have led him to believe Carol was a shape-shifting hermaphrodite."
Peter: "... like Sosai X?"
Tony: "I don't know who that is. Anyway, I don't think anyone in this town has a secret identity anymore."
Peter: "Except Batman."
Tony: "..."
Tony: "Please. I am a genius, why do people always forget that? Anyway, we go way back. We share a few social circles. Jan probably knows him, now that I think about it."
Steve: *wanders in* "Didn't you two date once?"
Peter: "You dated Batman? BATMAN. BAT. MAN. You dated him?"
Tony: "Dating is a very strong word. It was more like a series of loosely connected one-night-stands. The three of us weren't really looking for anything permanent-"
Peter: "Three of us? There were three of you? WAS CAP THERE?"
Steve: "No. That was Superman. I'd have sex with a pissed off Hulk before I'd have sex with Batman."
Tony: "That's... well, actually, I can't argue with that. How did you know Clark was there?"
Steve: "You talk in your sleep."
Tony: "I do?"
Steve: "Amongst other things."
Tony: "Really?"
Steve: "Oh yeah."
Peter: "What? Where did this conversation go?"
*Steve and Tony leave*
Peter: "So this is what it feels like to realize your parents are having sex. Ew. Ew. Ew."
Clint: *walking through, claps Peter on the shoulder* "I feel you, kid."
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Title: Birthday Cake
Pairings/Characters: Steve/Tony
A/N: She'll deny it, but this is all [ profile] amaronith's fault.
Universe: Could be either MA or 616
Rating: Hard R for sexual situations
Warnings: kinky food sex?

Summary: Steve is decorating his birthday cake. Tony is all about that.

Tony woke because something was tickling his stomach. )
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Title: Sex Lies and Newsprint:
Rating: PG for swearing. No warnings apply.
Notes: This is a stand alone story, but it is part of a series. I've got twelve of them, one a month for the first year of Steve and Tony's relationship. The stories the press tells about them, followed by what really happened. Mostly light and fluffy, sometimes sappy, and each one self-contained.

Summary: Our reporters were on hand last week when America's favorite golden boy, Steven Rogers, aka Captain America, came out to the world!

A Year of Cap/Tony Romance as Told by the Tabloids )
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Title: Teasing the Paparazzi
Pairing: Steve/Tony
Series: The Engagement
Universe: Marvel Adventures
Rating: R for language and (mostly off-screen) sex
Beta: none, sorry! Hopefully I caught everything, feel free to drop me a line if I didn't.
Summary: It's the morning after the night before, and Steve and Tony have to face the music.

Parts One and Two can be found here: The Engagement

( Teasing the Paparazzi )
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Title: Something to Talk About
Pairing: Steve/Tony
Series: The Engagement
Universe: Marvel Adventures
Rating: PG for language and innuendo
Beta: none, sorry! Hopefully I caught everything, feel free to drop me a line if I didn't.
Summary: Tony thinks they need to talk. Steve doesn't think that sounds like a good thing.

Part One can be found here: Breaking News

( Something to Talk About )
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So, Captain America was awesome. I'm still nervous about The Avengers but that's mostly because Joss Whedon is writing the script and, well. Dollhouse. So there's that.

But the movie was great, and I agree with the reviews I've been reading: It's a war movie that happens to have a super-hero in it. And the super part really isn't the focus.

The casting was great. I was a little skeptical about Chris Evans at first (he just didn't look like Steve Rogers in my head, also Johhny Storm, much?) but he did a great job, as did pretty much everyone else. Bucky was awesome. Tommy Lee Jones was absolutely killer. And holy crap, was I thrilled by Hayley Atwell's Peggy Carter. Peggy kicked ass and couldn't be bothered to take names. Her interactions with Steve were brilliantly underplayed and poignant. She was fierce without being a caricature, sentimental without being weak and she had scenes that were full of raw emotion without being overwrought. I loved every scene she was in.

There were other great things as well, including the casting for the villains, and the fact that while, yes, there were no fucking Nazis in a WWII movie, there was at least a reason for why there were no Nazis and one I was able to accept and suspend my disbelief for.

I had a weirdly uncomfortable moment because there was mention of a major attack on Norway, and it was just weird and kind of sad to hear that line on the same day as the Oslo attacks, but obviously it was just a strange coincidence. No one else noticed it until I mentioned it, but it still struck a weird chord with me.

If you're going to go see this, wait till after the credits. I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't for a Marvel movie these days, since they always sneak something in there, but the after-credits for Captain America are worth sitting around for a few minutes.
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Universe This is either post volume 10 of Marvel Adventures continuity or a slightly AU-ish 616 where Civil War never happened and never will, damnit.
Warnings: This fic deals with people having sex while under the influence of aphrodisiacs. The fic is meant to be mostly light and happy, and the characters are pretty much okay with everything that happens (Steve will angst slightly, because he is Steve) but there is a dub-conish element and the issue does come up. Please use your discretion.
Rating: Hard R for sex and language. NSFW.
Pairings: All these pairings occur either on or off-screen (or serious effort is put into making it happen by one or more of the parties involved) Steve/Tony, Steve/Ororo, Steve/Ororo/Thor, Tony/Thor, Tony/Peter, Peter/Logan, Logan/Spiderwoman, Spiderwoman/Luke Cage, Peter/Tony, Jan/Hank, Spiderwoman/Ororo, Peter/MJ, Luke Cage/Jessica Jones
Beta: Thanks, [ profile] kahn! Any lingering mistakes are totally my own.
Author's Note: So way, way back when I used to be in the Teen Titans fandom, there was a whole thing about sex pollen and Starfire regularly accidentally making her teammates have crazy pollen-related sex. Sometimes it was Poison Ivy making various members of the BatClan get it on. Anyway, I was explaining the trope to a friend who is new to fandom and she decided the Avengers needed a sex pollen orgy. Yes, I am totally trying to blame this fic on her.

PS: I have no idea why there are sex spores in the trees in Pennsylvania. I hear PA is weird like that.

Sex spores, fake werewolves and Pennsylvania. Thursdays are just weird when you're an Avenger. )
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Title: Breaking News
Pairing: Steve/Tony
Universe: Marvel Adventures
Rating: PG for language
Notes: I wrote this for the Let's Get Gay Married! commentfic meme.
Summary: Good news travels fast.

Fake cut!

( Breaking News )


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