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A while back (like, years), someone who shall not be named (it was totally [ profile] lady_flamewing requested an epilogue to The Longest Winter in which several things were to happen. I never wrote that. I did write a picnic scene where Yuusuke is a dork and takes the piss out of Kuwabara. It never really went anywhere and I'm forced to admit it probably never will. I'm mostly posting it just so I can publicly admit that I never finish anything and suck.

I always thought picnics were romantic. I obviously had no idea. )
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Title: It never had one. I just called it "the potc crossover"

Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho/Pirates of the Caribbean

Character/Pairing: Yuusuke, Botan, Will Turner, Jack Sparrow, assorted others. Pretty much all the PotC cast showed up at some point

Summary of Completed Fic: Essentially, this was supposed to pick up after the end of the first movie (written well before the second movie came out). For a variety of reasons, the method Jack and Will used to break the curse was only partially successful. Both of them are starting to be consumed by the curse again and it's affecting other things as well - like Will's unborn child.

Meanwhile, Koenma decides he really wants Jack's compass before it wreaks anymore havoc in the world, so he sends Yuusuke to get it back. Only he neglects to mention the "stealing it from pirates two hundred years in the past" part. That wacky Koenma. Yuusuke wakes up on Tortuga with no idea why he's there.

Why I Stopped Writing: Because this was written solely as amusement. Because it never would have worked within the context of the second PotC movie. Because it would have been better without the crossover aspect.

What I Would Change/Would Like to Continue With: I still like the PotC side of the story and may continue on with that at some point. The YYH side was totally gratuitous, though and didn't add a whole lot to the story (although having Jack and Yuusuke on the same ship was so much fun to write).

The beginning of the story, in which Will first realizes something is wrong. )

In which Yuusuke contemplates the local... scenery. )

In which Yuusuke goes looking for a job. )

In which Jack discovers that not all is well )

Eventually they made it to Port Royal where they collected Will and Elizabeth and set off to return the gold to the Aztec gods it was stolen from in the first place. Yuusuke spent the second half of the story desperately avoiding Jack's compass so that he could stick around and help them break the curse.

"Yuusuke, please stop insulting the scary foreign gods!"

Although help is a subjective term.


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