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I'm kind of excited! I work in a bank, and the bank has a bunch of safe deposit boxes that are reserved for official use. We call them lockers, though they're right next to the ones that we rent out to customers and look almost identical except that they have combination locks instead of keys. Well we just got a new manager and she was going through everything a few months ago, trying to figure out how bad a mess our previous manger had left her (in summary: huge) and she realized she didn't have the combination to one of the lockers. So she goes to all the employees and none of us have the combination - none of us even know what's in there or have ever opened it. So she got a locksmith and drilled it and there was a few thousand dollars worth of silver coin in there.

Near as anyone can figure out, the last time that money was accounted for was almost 40 years ago (1973). The bank was using the silver dollars and half dollars as petty cash. The manager at the time was fired and escorted from the building and nearly everyone else was fired or left shortly after. Fast forward 40 years, twenty managers and three mergers and the money's long since been written off.

So our regional vp agreed to let the employees buy the coin at face value and donated the money to the local public schools. And in the meantime I've got a really interesting pile of old coins to play with.

It's silly, but it's like finding buried treasure. ^_^


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