Sep. 25th, 2012

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Terra Nova is on Netflix streaming, so I figured why not. Dinosaurs and time travel and survivalism yay! But seriously, this show is not good. I mean, I'll probably keep watching it because, in case you missed it, dinosaurs, time-travel and survivalism, but this is so bad. The writing is pretty mediocre and the details are just... Everyone's wearing work boots except the hot teenage girl who's wearing read leather boots. Not high-heeled, at least. They were only allowed to bring one backpack full of personal belongings, but they all seem to have a wide variety of impractical clothing. I mean, why does Skye have a bikini? A BIKINI. Was that ever considered essential? Also there are hippies!

The mom is awesome so far. Dr. Elizabeth Shannon, played by Shelly Conn is pretty kickass. She was recruited to join the colony and was told she could only bring two children with her so she broke her husband out of prison and counterfeited documents so he could smuggle their daughter through the gateway. And when he got caught she took the kids and went without him. Her husband is a dumbass, but I think I'm supposed to consider him a take-charge hero type. Mostly I just think he's a dumbass. The teenage son is angsty and falling in with a bad crowd and drinking OMG. That is all there is to his personality so far.

The teenage daughter (in the red leather boots. I blame costuming, not her) is smart and I love her. She's a total nerd and spends part of every episode geeking out about the dinosaurs and time-travel. If she doesn't get to kick dinosaur ass at some point I will pout.

There's some believable political maneuvering and familial in-fighting. The dialogue occasionally has moments of awesome. Mostly during dinosaur attacks:

Taylor: *calm, kind of curious* "What's going on back there?"
Jim: *flailing wildly* "Just keep - DRIVING!"

It does have a couple of things going for it besides the aforementioned FREAKING DINOSAURS. The married couple have been apart for two years and they don't immediately fall back into bed together. And their attempts to resume their regular married life are nicely done. There's more than a few POCs in the cast too, though the majority of the main cast are all white.

So it's not very good, but it is kind of fun. I'm mostly watching it to mock it and occasionally cheer on the dinosaurs.


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