Feb. 29th, 2012

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13-Year-Old Persecuted By Rochester City School District For Writing Essay

Long story short: a thirteen year old girl named Jada Williams wrote an assigned essay on Frederick Douglass and compared some of his experiences to her own, pointing out that many of her black classmates are borderline illiterate and that her mostly white teachers don't seem to see anything wrong with that. Her English teacher told Jada - this is a grown woman in a position of authority saying this to a thirteen year old girl for whom she is responsible, mind - that she was offended by the essay. She then went on to photocopy it and hand it out to other teachers, many of whom took it upon themselves to call Jada's parents at home and tell them their daughter was "angry." Jada's grades suddenly dropped and when her mother asked to see the homework and essays her daughter had turned in so she could see the grading, the teachers wouldn't let her have them. As of the time the article was written, the school board was refusing to release her records, even though Jada's parents took her out of that school.

Jesus fuck, people. What the hell is wrong with you?


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